Hedzr, an old programmer.

He has a long experience in writing in 6502-asm, z80, 8091, but forgot them almost, and x86-asm and arm-asm, and so on.

He has a long experience in writing with turbo c and c99, and c++11, c++17 mainly, c++20 now.

He can write with golang, rust, and many other languages.

He may solve the problems with a they-should approach, at the DevOps domain, totally architect of a problem domain.

And he obviously loves programming. I’m saying that, programming is a thing, or an action in which somebody’s making a dream of somewhere. I’m not saying a farmer, nonetheless, why not.

It all boils down to one thing, to analysis it, to fix it, and to complete it.

He lives in GitHub1, and Chongqing, in China.

  1. https://github.com/hedzr “Hedzr at GitHub”